Tri-Clover® 700 Series Valves

Tri-Clover® 700 Series single seat valves from Alfa Laval deliver years of reliable performance in a wide variety of temperature ranges and working conditions. Choose the configuration that’s right for you.

A sanitary and flexible design offers alternatives to meet the exacting requirements of your applications. Whether you choose a stop valve with two or three ports, or a divert valve with three to five ports, the 700 Series valves offer great flexibility for the long haul.


  • Shut-Off
  • Divert
  • Throttling
  • Tank Outlet
  • Kettle

Tri-Clover 700 series valves are authorized to carry the 3-A symbol.


The Alfa Laval 700 Series valve's rugged plastic stem bushings eliminate metal-to-metal galling. The stem is threaded to the actuator shaft, eliminating the coupling between the stem and actuator, which ensures proper alignment. Bushings at each end of the cylinder support stem also ensure perfect alignment. Each 700 Series valve features a heavy-duty bonnet and body ferrule design that will stand up to years of pounding from hydraulic shock.


700 Series valves are remotely controlled by means of compressed air. This design requires very few simple, movable parts, greatly enhancing reliability. Heavy-duty construction and precision-molded bonnet gaskets ensure positive alignment under severe operating conditions. The valve stem design requires only a single o-ring seal.

  • Normally open (NO), normally closed (NC), or air-to-air operation
  • Actuators are reversible NO/NC and semi-maintainable
  • Short or long stroke
  • High pressure option available
Product Wetted Steel Parts316L
Other Steel Parts304
Plug StemBuna bonded or "TR"/"TR2" PTFE replaceable (standard)
EPDM or SFY (optional)
Product Wetted SealsBuna (standard)
EPDM or SFY (optional)
Max Product PressureDepends on valve specification and size (contact CSI)
Temperature Range200 – 284°F (EPDM)
Air Pressure60 – 80 psi

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