The ROLEC DH from Ampco Pumps Company is an effective and portable way to add dry hop pellets to beer during fermentation, or when finished or cold crashed. The units provide recirculation as well as dry hops addition, and are easily transported or stored.

The ROLEC DH hop induction system is available in three model sizes and is a fully portable unit that contains everything necessary for dry hop induction. The ROLEC DH utilizes Ampco’s SBI Shear Pump Blender to simultaneously induce dry hop pellets directly into the stream of beer and recirculate a fermenter.


  • DH90
  • DH250
  • DH400

Ampco's ROLEC DH hop induction systems are designed specifically for the brewery industry. The ROLEC DH is a fully portable unit, so that one unit can be utilized for multiple lines or stages in the process. The unit can be used in several stages as desired, allowing you to introduce hops during fermenting, or into finished or crashed beer. The unit's pump also recirculates the fermenter.

Standard Design

The ROLEC DH units utilize the Ampco SBI pump to recirculate a fermenter and simultaneously induce dry hop pellets into the stream of beer. The pellets are held in a pressurized chamber, which is purged of air using carbon dioxide (CO2). The shear pump creates a differential pressure for induction of the pellets from the hop vessel. The pellets are chopped to just the right size so they can settle during the dry hop holding period.

The ROLEC DH is designed with a glass-top manway that allows the user to ensure the pellets are moving. It's gauges and sight glasses aid the user in monitoring induction and pressures.

Everything needed for pellet induction is contained on the ROLEC DH. All components are sanitary and CIP'able (no additional CIP pump is required). The fully portable DH can be used on many fermenters and fits well in cramped cellars.

Wetted Parts316L
CastersStainless steel
Technical Data
Pellet Capacity88 lb (40 kg)264 lb (120 kg)418 lb (190 kg)
Recirculation / Min2.9 bbls (3.4 hectoliters)3.7 bbls (4.3 hectoliters)3.7 bbls (4.3 hectoliters)
Port Size1.5 in (DIN 40)2 in (DIN 50)2 in (DIN 50)
Motor5 hp (4 kW)10 hp (7.5 kW)10 hp (7.5 kW)

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