TrueClean® SF 3-A Spray Cleaner

Reduce clean-in-place (CIP) time and costs with an efficient tank cleaning device from Central States Industrial (CSI). The SF 3-A spray cleaner from TrueClean® is a 3-A approved, dynamic spray device with hygienic, self-cleaning construction. With high pressure spray at a lower flow rate, the SF 3-A provides high-impact spray for strong cleaning action.

Designed for the dairy industry, the SF features a 316L and PEEK body with a self-lubricating slide bearing. The spray pattern is 270º up. Choose from pin or weld connections.

The SF 3-A complies with 3-A standards and is available in a 270º up spray pattern.

  • High-impact spray for strong cleaning
  • Hygienic, self-cleaning construction
  • Increased mechanical action reduces CIP time and costs
  • 3-A compliant
  • Static spray ball replacement
  • Heavily soiled tank surfaces
  • Higher pressures, lower flow
  • 3-A applications
Technical Data
Material316L, PEEK
ConnectionPin, weld
BearingSlide bearing
Spray Patterns270º up
Cleaning Radius1 – 5 ft
Pressure15 – 44 psi
Flow Rate14 – 26 gpm
Dimensional Data








PinSeries C (ASME)0.761⅜4
WeldSeries C (ASME)1.001⅜4

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