TrueClean MX Series 360º Jet Cleaner

The TrueClean® MX is the device of choice for jet cleaning in specific hygienic applications. The high-impact nature of this jet device greatly reduces the time, temperature, and chemicals required to efficiently clean a tank. The MX utilizes internal gears, which protect them from harsh environments seen in many industries. Due to the MX’s unique hygienic design, all internal components are self-cleaning. The MX can quickly and effectively clean tanks up to 26 feet in diameter with its powerful 360º cleaning pattern.

Unlike most jet cleaning devices, TrueClean jet devices utilize polymer slide bearings. Slide bearings allow for easier internal cleaning, fewer potential failure points, and more uniform support from the bearing surface when compared to other types of bearings.


  • High-impact, multi-axis 360º jet spray
  • Interchangeable parts to tailor flow rate to application
  • Internal gears to meet the highest hygienic demands
  • Controlled rotation for higher efficiency (per pass)
  • Fully drainable in vertical or horizontal position

It is the ideal choice for vessels with moderate to heavy soiling. It is also a fit where reduction of water and chemicals is important.


Connection1" NPT or BSP
Spray PatternMulti-axis 360º
Max Cleaning Radius13 ft
Pressure44 – 145 psi
Flow Rate17 – 44 gpm
Max Working Temperature

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