TrueClean® CP2 Rotary Jet Cleaner

The TrueClean® CP2 rotary jet cleaner delivers powerful jet cleaning at a budget friendly price. With an internal rotor design that provides slow and steady rotation, the CP2 increases fluid dwell time for high-impact, targeted cleaning. The TrueClean CP2 features directional jet capability to focus spray on areas with the heaviest soiling for added effectiveness. The CP2 bridges the gap between the cost-effective S Series and the more powerful JM Series. With its narrow profile and reliable design, the CP2 is the device of choice for many hygienic cleaning applications.  

Unlike most jet cleaning devices, TrueClean jet devices utilize polymer slide bearings. When compared to other types of bearings, slide bearings allow for easier internal cleaning, fewer potential failure points, and more uniform support from the bearing surface.

The CP2 is available in 360º, 180º up, and 180º down spray patterns.

  • Low cost, high impact cleaning
  • Multiple jet coverage options to focus in the areas with the heaviest soiling
  • Solid ball design creates high-performing, controlled jet spray
  • Internal rotor design for a constant, smoother rotation
  • Designed to rotate gradually to increase wash liquid dwell time
  • High-impact, targeted cleaning
  • Vessels with only a 2 ½ inch tube opening
  • Mixing, holding, and fermentation vessels, as well as cooking kettles
Technical Data
Material316L, PTFE, PEEK
ConnectionPin, thread
BearingSlide bearing
Spray Patterns360, 180 up, 180 down
Cleaning Radius6.6 ft
Pressure44 - 174 psi
Flow Rate11 - 29 gpm

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