Hot Water Sets

Easily regulate and maintain temperature for all your hot water solutions.

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About Hot Water Sets

Hot water sets (HWS) from Central States Industrial (CSI) are built to sanitary standards and are fabricated using an all stainless steel construction for a hygienic long lasting design. HWS skid systems are designed and built to your applications requirements. Some of the requirements you decide are heat exchanger type, desired flow rates, and desired water temperatures.

Utilizing CSI's HWS control system is a simple, economical, and efficient way to safely regulate the operation of your hot water set. With our system, you can easily monitor the supply temperature, water flow rate, temperature history information, and any applicable alarms with the HWS's touchscreen display. You can also make set point changes from the touchscreen, which is password protected to prevent unauthorized adjustments.


  • Plant hot water utilities
  • Tank jacket media
  • Product tempering (heating/cooling)
  • Ingredient hot water
  • Potable hot water


  • Plate-and-frame heat exchanger
  • Shell-and-tube heat exchanger
  • Direct steam injection


Hot Water Sets

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