Compact CIP

An effective, but compact, solution for most clean-in-place needs.

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About Compact CIP

In one mobile unit, the Compact CIP system from Central States Industrial (CSI) provides everything needed to clean various processes. Compact CIP is designed for cleaning tanks, process equipment, and associated lines that cannot be efficiently or cost-effectively serviced by a larger clean-in-place (CIP) system. Common applications include fermenters, filling machines, allergen separation, storage tanks, smaller process systems, and remote located equipment and systems.

Compact CIP provides the fully automated CIP sequencing and control functionality that most hygienic processes require. Simply hook it up, press go, and walk away. The system, when optioned correctly, will run through all of the CIP cycles while controlling time, temperature, chemical concentration, and flow. Compact CIP saves time and energy, while providing consistent, predictable, and recordable cleaning.

Compact CIP will clean a process economically and effectively and is an alternative to struggling with bulkier CIP systems.  

Standard Features

  • 316 stainless steel wetted material
  • Alfa Laval high efficiency pump
  • Alfa Laval valves
  • Tank level monitoring
  • Flow rate monitoring
  • Chemical monitoring
  • Wash down rated
  • Casters for mobility


  • Chemical addition
  • Heating
  • Fixed mounting
  • Data recording
  • Ethernet connection
  • Automated valves


Compact CIP

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