Welding at CSI focuses on combining professional experience with the latest welding technologies to produce industry-leading weld quality. 

With extensive training and industry experience, CSI offers welding and manufacturing capabilities that ensure your project quality requirements are met.

Central States Industrial (CSI) specializes in welding 304 stainless steel, 316L stainless steel, AL-6XN® alloy, and Hastelloy® C-22® alloys for the sanitary processing industries. Our knowledge and expertise working with these materials gives us a competitive edge in helping our customers achieve high quality results in their products.

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David Kirkoff, Welding Craftsman

Unique Welding Station Design

To increase efficiency in our shop, welding gases, compressed air, and cooling water are piped to each welding station. The stations can run four argon regulators and one mixed gas regulator at a time. We use stainless steel to pipe the welding gases from the liquid source, further enhancing the quality of our fabrication.

Leading Welding Technology

CSI combines welding skills with the latest welding technology to produce industry-leading weld quality. With the latest in orbital welding equipment technology and manual TIG welding capabilities, CSI takes more than just pride in our workmanship, we take ownership of your project.

CSI can handle projects ranging from small, specialized fittings to large transfer panels and complete turnkey skid systems.

Welding Experience & Certifications

Our welding experience helps us meet your quality requirements to aid in the success of your projects.

  • Material handling, fabrication, and inspection adhere to FDA’s cGMP regulations for high purity products
  • ASME section IX certified welders for light wall sanitary tube and fittings
  • ASME Section IX certified welders for manual GTAW/TIG and automatic orbital welding
  • Welds meet or exceed the 3-A and ASME-BPE requirements

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