Areas of Opportunity


“As part of the Accounting team, I really enjoy being able to communicate with our customers around the world. I take great pride in knowing that I can directly impact the company’s profitability.”

Lorrie Synak, Accounts Receivable – Employee since 2012


“CSI works as a trusted advisor with its customers. Knowing their process and products lets us help get their products to market. I enjoy working with my customers to resolve their issues and take care of their sanitary process needs. CSI also provides mentorship and offers all employees the greatest opportunity for success. I am proud to be a part of an organization that places such value on its employees and customers.”

Don McKee, Business Development Leader – Employee since 2013

Customer Service

“CSI is a great place to work. I am surrounded by a group of individuals who genuinely care about each other and the customers we serve. The atmosphere is professional, and there are many great resources for expanding knowledge and creating excellence, including training classes, hands-on experiences, and individualized learning opportunities. I am consistently challenged to achieve my goals and reach my full potential with the support of my team at CSI.

Amber Holdt, Customer Service Representative – Employee since 2015

Supply Chain

“I really enjoy the challenge of working in supply chain management. Researching and sourcing new products is very rewarding when we can find that unusual item at a great price. By building lasting relationships with vendors, we have grown our multi-million dollar inventory to ensure that we have the right products when our customers need them.”

Diana Selway, Buyer II – Employee since 2002

Drafting & Design

“Utilizing the latest 3-D CAD software and tools available allows the design team at CSI to solve even the most unique challenges presented by our customers. We take concepts, ideas and processes, and turn them into functioning designs before a single cut or weld is made. Throughout my career at CSI, I have had the privilege to work on many interesting projects and work with many talented and knowledgeable people from all over the world. CSI has given me the opportunity to grow my skills, build my talents, and develop my leadership abilities to a level of success I enjoy today.”

Dustin Fore, Design Supervisor – Employee since 2006

Project Management

“Working as a Project Manager at CSI is great! Every project is unique, and each project offers several opportunities to serve our customers on both technical and commercial aspects. It is very rewarding to help a customer’s vision become a reality. We have a great team and I enjoy being surrounded by top level talent.”

Terry Parker, PMP, Project Manager – Employee since 2012


“There is diversity in the role of a Process Engineer. On any given day, I could be providing sales and technical support to both coworkers and customers, designing sanitary process systems, or troubleshooting systems prior to shipment. I also travel to customer sites to provide occasional start-up support.”

Trent Bullock, Process Engineer – Employee since 2012

Information Systems

“I enjoy working with the people at CSI. It is a positive environment where I can further develop and use my IT skills in supporting the CSI team.”

David Drake, IT System Administrator – Employee since 2014

Human Resources

“CSI provides a great work environment where everyone is known by their name, not a number. I have the pleasure of serving my customers daily in all areas of human resources, but no two days are ever the same.”

Mara Mooneyham, HR Specialist – Employee since 2014


"The responsibility of representing CSI to the outside world is both challenging and rewarding. From our industry-leading website to catalogs and brochures, from trade show graphics to video productions, my team works every day to portray this company as the creative and innovative leader that we are."

Amanda Williamson, Creative Director – Employee since 2001


"I enjoy working at CSI as a Craft Welder because of the opportunity I have to build product from small parts to big skids. I appreciate the variety in my work."

Brian Gray, Craft Welder – Employee since 2007


“I enjoy being able to work with others who have positive attitudes and a commitment to quality. My work requires me to create new customer parts with quick turnaround. I find it challenging and appreciate the ability to learn and hone my skills.”

Robert Kinder, CNC Machinist – Employee since 2010