Allison Barger, Accounting Clerk

News Lead In Photo Allison Barger

FORT WORTH, TX—Allison Barger’s diverse background and grounded motivation has enabled her to be flexible in her work and life. Allison’s path to becoming Central States Industrial’s accounting clerk was somewhat unconventional. With a background in teaching, this Texas native graduated from Stephen F. Austin State University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Deaf Education. Before becoming an accounting clerk, she taught deaf children and high school math for a combined eight years.

In 2015, her sister audited Crouch Supply in Fort Worth, TX and realized Allison would be a good fit for the Accounts Receivable/Payable opening. Allison said, “They weren’t advertising or anything, because they were pretty old school. I went in, and they were like, ‘Can you start Wednesday?’” As Allison tells the story, she smiles. 

Her ability to pick up skills and execute quickly was demonstrated in her new job at Crouch. Starting off, she had minimal accounting experience and a temporary worker guided the bulk of her in-person training. With limited resources, she learned by trial and error. 

She said, “It helped me gain a more solid understanding, because I had to work my way through the program instead of just knowing it, already having it memorized. It took a while because nobody explained the process. I just figured it out as I went, but it worked out.”

Her addition to Crouch couldn’t have worked out better for CSI. The company acquired Crouch Supply on March 1, 2017, and Allison joined CSI’s team the same day. Her transition included job shadowing in the Springfield, MO location and extensive training classes to help her master new systems and roles. She is currently cross-training to better understand project management.

“I’m just learning stuff all over the place. It’s nice to know a little bit of everything, because it helps me understand how the whole process comes together,” she said. The team at CSI has backed her every step of the way. Support staff is on-call to answer any questions. The team even implemented shared-screen technology for more effective and interactive remote communication. 

“Everybody is really friendly and helpful. If they don’t know the answer, they’re not just going to pretend to know the answer. They’ll tell you, ‘I don’t know that, but I can tell you somebody who does.’ So far I haven’t had any questions go unanswered. That’s been nice,” she said.

Allison also appreciates the fix-it mindset at CSI. “When things don’t work, we figure it out. We get to the root of the problem, change it, try something new. If that doesn’t work, try something else,” she said. This type of thinking matches Allison’s own and is reflected in her willingness to shape different ideas, create innovative solutions, and commit to improved processes.   

A self-proclaimed “insta-mom,” she married her husband, Austin, in August 2016. They raise their two sons, Dalton and Daniel, in the childhood home Allison grew up in, where her parents lived for nearly three decades. Most of her core and extended family lives in the same neighborhood as Allison in Richland Hills, and she touts the benefits of free babysitting and convenient holidays.  

“Everything I do is centered around my family. We’re all very close, and not just in proximity. We do a lot together,” she said.  Richland Hills is technically only three square miles, but it’s in the middle of the Fort Worth metroplex. She enjoys the benefits of the city and the country.  She lives on a half-acre of land, and her neighbors have animals that range from horses to goats to peacocks. 

Allison enjoys crafting decorations for her house and attending the Ranger’s baseball games. She is also on the city council and helps with zoning changes, ordinances, and regulating new businesses. She recently completed a 15 million dollar, three-year project to build a new rec center for the town. She keeps all her election signs in boxes in her garage, so she can recycle them for her final campaign. If she wins, she will have been elected so many times it will be her last allowable term.

It’s no wonder that her town has repeatedly chosen her to lead them. Allison doesn’t let anything hold her back from her best. She is constantly laughing, working hard, and striving for success. She is kind to everyone around her and is an invaluable addition to the CSI family.